Pastors & Staff

Donovan Morant 

Senior Pastor

Pastor Morant is a faithful servant of God who has earned his degree in religious studies from Tyndale University College & Seminary in Toronto, Canada. He has served in various capacities within the church and it was while occupying various offices within Bethel that God saw it fit to lay additional charges upon him. As an ordained elder Pastor Morant continued earnestly in the things of God and worked within the office of Assistant Pastor of Bethel Apostolic Churches of Jesus Christ from 2013. In spite of many odds and through many dangers, toils, and snares Pastor Morant was installed as the Senior Pastor of Bethel Apostolic Churches of Jesus Christ in 2018 which fulfilled years of God’s prophetic call upon his life. 

Shirley Powell

Assistant Pastor

Bio coming soon!

Chris Clarke 

Music Director 

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Michelle Gilfillian 

Worship Director 

Is the praise and worship leader for the praise team. Is also the assistant choir leader and when it comes to the worship ministry she makes herself available and ready to set the tone for worship for Gods people.

Deborah Shirley 

Children's Ministry Director

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Charlene Tyrell-Mensah 

Youth Ministry Director

Missionary Charline Tyrell–Mensah, is the Youth Director for Bethel Apostolic Churches. Charline came to Bethel in 2005 where she encountered the magnificent presence of the Lord, which changed her life and started her on a brand new path in Jesus Christ. It was this new relationship with Christ that encouraged Charline to reach out and spread the gospel to her family, friends and her community. 

Evg. Elizabeth A. Solomon

Administrative Director

Evang Elizabeth Solomon received the Lord in her life at an early age. The Lord has blessed her since her childhood and has enabled her to be an active member in the ministry of Bethel Apostolic Churches of Jesus Christ.  
 Currently she is the General Secretary of the church and continues to do her part to build the ministry of Jesus Christ.