Youth Ministry Director - Missy Charlene Tyrell-Mensah

Youth Ministry Director Missy Charlene Tyrell-Mensah


Youth ministry at its very foundation must be spiritual because it is God’s. God has given us young people to care for; and to whom much is given, much will be required. Youth ministry is a delicate balance of absolute dependence and pure personal striving to see Christ’s image formed in our young people. It is therefore incumbent that we help our young people to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ that permeates every aspect of their lives and this starts by helping them to not simply having things to know (doctrinally) but also things to be (spiritually /academically) and to do (vocationally). Young people are able to contribute so much to our church life. In establishing proper relationships with our young people our goal is to help to bring their friends and families to participate in fun, safe and spiritually enriching church activities.

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