Pastor - President Donovan Morant

Pastor President Donovan Morant

Family Ministry

God intended for the family to be the basic unit in society. The Bible tells us that in the beginning God created the family. In His infinite wisdom He chose the family to serve as the cradle for personhood. In Deuteronomy 6, as well as in other biblical passages, it is clear that God designed the family as the crucible in which the reality of the person of the living God is to be both taught (through formal education) and caught (by the example of the parents’ lives).The quality of family life influences every other part of our life. Today there is no such thing as the “typical” or “normal” family. In addition to the traditional two – parent families we have single – parent families, extended families, adopted families, childless families, and reconstituted or blended families. A healthy family provides an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and positive opportunities for growth, that includes helping each person to come to knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of God and Jesus Christ, and a knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of himself / herself as a unique person made in the image of God.

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